Z Thursday 23rd of January 2020
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  • Author Topic: Conditions to Get Accepted - READ FIRST BEFORE MAKE AN APP!  (Read 4134 times)

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    • Make the rules your habit (a good one).
    • Learn basic Amx commands before applying. (They can be found in General Discussions)
    • Don't kick/slay/ban someone because you don't like them.
    • No dis-respecting other members or guests on Forum or Servers.
    • You are allowed to apply for FREE admin on only one server, unless you are a high staff, if you want admin on more than one server and you are not a high staff, you have to purchase it in the SHOP
    • We only accept REAL SteamID accounts as admins!(Dust2/Public)

    To increase your chance of getting: Accepted.

    1. You must have played on our servers at least 600 minutes. (When Applicable)

    2. Must be polite in Forum and Servers.

    3. You can give us your suggestions and feedback on the forum.

    4. Must be patient or you will be considered as Power Hungry!

    Important notes:

    1. Trial admins must report all bans with recorded demo until they become Full Admin.

    2. The forum has to be checked at least once a day.
    Demos have to be posted in unban requests within one day of request's creation.

    3. Changing maps without voting and the use of powers on other admins are not allowed.

    4. Important to mention, the steam ID should be posted in the application, not be sent through PM.
    It was added to avoid banned members (and demoted staff) applying for admin in other servers.

    5. Users are allowed to have only one account on the forum.
    Multiple accounts using the same steam ID will result in removal.