Z Friday 21st of February 2020
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  • Author Topic: Ts3 Admin Application.  (Read 858 times)

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    Offline King.

    Ts3 Admin Application.
    « on: August 26, 2016, 11:37:20 PM »

    Name : AwA ~ Madmad
    TeamSpeak Name : Madmad
    Age : 16.
    Country : France.
    Languages Spoke/Written : French, English, Algerian, Spanish.
    What do you currently do? (College, Employed, etc): Currently on High School.
    How long have you used our TeamSpeak? : Since 1 years.
    How much time on average do you spend on TeamSpeak? : 2-3 hours when I can play cs 1.6.
    Do you have any Moderation/Administration experience? : On Ts3 no, but I can lear quickly.
    Tell us a bit about yourself : You know me, Manager of Zombie Plague + Foundator of AwA ~ clan.
    Why should we make you a Ts3 Admin?: I can help us to manage this ts3.
    Scenario 1: You encounter a user on our server talking to random people in the public channels and switching channels a lot, what do you do? : I tell to that user to not doing what he is doing again.
    Scenario 2: A user has joined with the name "cs-club.net", what do you do about their name? : I tell to this user to change his name or I will ban him for 5 minutes.
    Scenario 3: A random user is threatening to DDOS the server, what do you do?: I ban this user of course!
    Scenario 4: A Channel Owner of a private channel has started creating 10+ sub-channels, when only 5-6 users are in the channel on a regular basis, what do you do? : First of all I warn this user and if he stay do it I ban him for 5 minutes.
    Scenario 5: You encounter someone advertising another TeamSpeak by joining public channels or private messaging users, what do you do? : I will give him permanent ban!
    Scenario 6: A user messages you or joins the help channel claiming another user is being annoying/bothering them. What do you do? : I help these users and I war the other one.
    Do you have anything else to add? : Nothing else.

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    Re: Ts3 Admin Application.
    « Reply #1 on: August 26, 2016, 11:43:19 PM »
    Accepted since you're manager :)