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  • Author Topic: ZE Server Rules!  (Read 2169 times)

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    ZE Server Rules!
    « on: May 11, 2016, 01:10:43 AM »
    Welcome to ZE server.

    Main rule of ZE For swearers, Blockers, Unfair campers, Team-Killers, Game start abusers and kill command abusers: Warn > Slay > Kick > If he continues Ban!!

    Unfair camping: When a player camps and makes it impossible for Zombies or Humans to MOVE ahead in the map.
    Team-Killers (As Humans): They are players who flash/destroy/block their teammates OR order the escape helicopter too soon OR block the helicopter to kill his own team >>ON PURPOSE<<.

    Team-Killers (As Zombies): They are players who block their teammates and stop the Zombie from moving ahead>>ON PURPOSE<<.

    Game start abusers: When Humans want to suicide in the game start so they become 2nd class Zombie (20% faster than original) and they freeze zombies at the start. IF players suicide to be zombies and they don't freeze the original zombies at the start, then that is OK.

    Game near finish Dead-End/Abusers: When humans are camping at 'unreachable spot' for zombies.. or when the map is glitched it will be as follows: Zombie numbers VS Human numbers example (2 zombies & 1 human) then admins should slay the human(s).. this also applies other way around (2 humans & 1 zombie) then admins should slay zombie(s) Notice : this applies in 'Escape Zone', also the 'rule' for 30 seconds it's not anymore applicabble.

    Kill command abusers: If someone abuses the kill command to not play as Zombie or any other useless reason will get Slay | Kick | Ban (MAX 2 Hours).

    Blocking Heli: Humans can block Heli for only one reason and that is to wait the teammates ... otherwise will be considered as help to zombies!
    Zombies are also allowed to block Heli to stop humans from escaping this will balance the game and human advantages!!

    When can you start freezing Zombie??
    You can start freezing zombie 3 SECONDS after they are released..(not in Spawn area ) this is to give zombies a chance to move around.

    The main rule for cheaters/Steam ID changers/bots/hackers = Permanent Ban!!

    Slap Abusing!

     Admins are not allowed to use slap command due to Unstuck plugin function, so if any of admins gets caught using this command on self purposes or helping someone else will lead  to warning | removing access | or if it's necessary demote.

    Human Skin : This is an old bug that can't be fixed, players with human skin will be slayed.

    Specific rules:-

    Any future rules are to be added when the need for it comes.

    Regards, Cs-club.net team.

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