Z Friday 22nd of November 2019
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  • Author Topic: Short complaint about Takber  (Read 1259 times)

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    Re: Short complaint about Takber
    « Reply #10 on: August 11, 2018, 10:17:29 PM »
    Lmao sorry to interrupt but.... people please grow up its just a game and a forum ik there is rules or whatever u want to follow go ahead u don't want then don't up to u lel… about takber he did some mistakes sure but seriously people u aren't kids or babies... taking this thing so seriously what u hate takber or something? opening a nonsense drama over here go look at the real life drama instead of here especially "over a shitty game" saying bad words or hate to each other wont solve anything ur just showing urself like kids complaining about shitty stuff and making topics and topics about it, very simple could send a message to the owner or co-owner or whatever and tell him this happen and this bla bla, not to make  a topic and open drama and making it like a big deal..
    jeez people grow up please....

    and eh idk if u guys taking it rude or whatever but im not just learn from ur mistakes or whatever and stop being kids please.

    Dude, we all know that it's just a game but everyone should respect each other, nobody is acting like a kid here, the guy is complaining about a thing which he and everyone here has right to do it, complaining about a big problem which does make sense. I can't understand your purpose of writing here? your text makes absolutely nonsense. Please be vigilant and don't put your noise everywhere it takes, peace out. @KILZOon close this topic to avoid any possible spam since the case got resolved.

    I have seen the complains about takber and didn't say a word about the others cuz it was a big deal, but this one is a silly thing making a topic about, its so obvious that u guys working against him just cuz perhaps he said something bad to u or whatever? (drama team work against 1 person over silly thing).
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    Re: Short complaint about Takber
    « Reply #11 on: August 13, 2018, 11:57:55 AM »
    Closed .

    @takber already warned.